How to use this site

There are still many people we know of that have trouble navigating around websites and finding themselves confused by too many click here and there options! Or perhaps you're new to the world of website browsing? The idea here is to describe in plain and simple terms exactly how to find your way around the site and ultimately buy a few prints - we hope!
Thanks again for your visit to Lake District Landscapes. We hope this explanation will make your visit an easy and pleasurable experience. Nothing worse than getting lost in web world!
This is how we start:

1/. Once you have arrived at the home page, you will probably want to find where the images are for sale. On the top navigation bar you will find GALLERY/SHOP. These options will be HIGHLIGHTED IN RED as you move your mouse over them. LEFT CLICK ON THIS RED TEXT AS AN EXAMPLE. Simply left click on here to take you to the galleries. Or, even easier, simply enter a search term, i.e. "Langdale", in the search bars on any page to get straight to the action!

2/. Once in the gallery section, you will be presented by a selection of thumbnail images depicting different areas and titles. Once again a left click on any of these will take you to the relevant gallery of your choice (They will highlight as you move over them).

3/. You will now arrive at the chosen section where a left click on any of the thumbnail images will open up the opportunity to enlarge and explore that image. Under each image, once opened, is the option to choose different sizes and prices, indicated by a small arrow to the right of the current option shown. Choose what you like, add to basket, and that's it really. Either keep shopping or proceed to checkout. Simple huh? If you have any problem trying to buy online, please, please, pick up the phone and dial 01539 721739 and tell us. No website will work at 100% efficiency 100% of the time! Be great if it could, but it won't, so please ring and tell us if you have a problem here. You are welcome to buy over the phone with a credit/debit card.